Cabinet of oddities

Weird interactive toys. Click on their link to play.

Lines - Move your mouse, see the connections (dis)appear, attract points, make a cluster.
E̶͙͍̍M̶̰̔͝B̶͓̠̅͝Ȑ̴̮̝̽Ã̶͓̿C̸͎̓͝E̴̖͐ - Fill the screen - Embrace the corruption
Erase thorns with the arrow keys, change colors with c.
Ping-Pang - I bet the black ball will end up winning.
Enable screenshake with x, change colors with c.
Trump tweets - A Donald Trump tweets generator, almost as coherent as the original!
Refresh the page for a new tweet. Uses a database of pre-generated Markov chain tweets