If you’re curious to try Obsidian — the note-taking app — or even better yet, if you’ve just started and feel overwhelmed, I’ve spent the last two years carefully curating 54 plugins that will help you to get started as easily as possible.

Nah I’m kidding.

You want to know how to use Obsidian efficiently?

  1. Open it
  2. Write something
  3. (optional) Make links and/or add tags

Wanna be productive and get things done? Watching 3 hours of videos to understand zettelkasten or johnny decimal won’t help. Not everyone needs to take notes on every movie they watch, every book they read, or every podcast they listen to. You probably don’t need to carefully record the minutes of all your daily standups. Obsidian, LogSeq, or Joplin won’t make you a superhero, and you won’t fail in life1 if you only write down the few important things that you need to remember.

Maintaining a second brain is supposed to free your first one, not make it even busier and more stressed.

1. You can definitely fail in life, but your lack of notes is unlikely to be the main cause.